comp735 ™ LLC - Atlanta West Photographers & Graphic Designers
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comp735 LLC - Atlanta West Photographers & Graphic Designers

comp735 ™, LLC. (pronounced “comp seventhirtyfive“) is a photography and graphic design company that has quietly been a part of Atlanta’s creative fabric for 11 years.

Grown from the scattered seeds of freelancing in Philadelphia’s Metro Area, comp735 transitioned to ATLANTA’s Metro Area in 2007. Their intent? To utilize its team of photographers and graphic designers to their fullest potential, and aim to offer services that respect client vision while not breaking their wallet along the way.

We continue to make a quiet but indelible mark in Atlanta, its surrounding cities and beyond. Offering photography, graphic design, apparel & product design, social media consultations, marketing consultations, business consultations, document review/editing and creation, event planning support, and more to get our clients “simply noticed.”